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Roy McBee Smith Jr.Welcome to Roy McBee Smith Jr.'s art website.  Roy Smith is a local Upstate of South Carolina resident.  While he has only recently begun to professionally exhibit his art work, he has been creating art for over forty years.  He has been Inspired by many artists and friends throughout his life, but his main inspiration comes from his father's persistent emphasis for the need to continue with his gift and to recognize the beauty in the nature around us. 

Roy currently works in a variety of 2 dimensional mediums and has worked in 3 dimensional bronze and clay sculpting.  Many of the works exhibited on this website are of watercolors, pencil, and oil. 
I try to capture the true essence of a subject, to capture that particular moment and feeling.  While I continue to study natural light, light reflecting on water, and the interaction of light and the environment around us, I also hope to convey the miracle of nature.

Landscape Scenes Portraits
Historical and local Collages Murals
Coastal Maritime


Commission works and Freelance Services available.

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